Parker Mah was born in Vancouver in the Year of the Rooster. He first picked up a camera at age 10 and has lived in the present moment ever since. A multidisciplinary upbringing led him to develop a more diversified approach to photography, drawing inspiration from techniques of jazz improvisation and oral history. Various professional experiences have led him and his Pentax to far-flung corners of the world, insatiable curiosity in tow. In Cape Town, his involvement with members of the Camissa Collective, a group of artists and activists who sought to catalyze social transformation for marginalized communities through photography, allowed him to explore the possibilities of more participatory aspects of the craft. Later, in Dhaka, he was mentored by the great Mahmud Rahman of the MAP photo agency in practices of photojournalism. The hybridization of these experiences forms the basis of a creative style which lives in the shared space between documentary and art. He is currently based in Montreal.

The offerings here are cobbled together from the streets of Cape Town, Nagoya, Dakar, Vancouver, Dhaka, Budapest, Montreal and other great urban centres of the world.

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